Quick Start Guide to Recycle Paper

Quick Start Guide to Recycle Paper

Even with technology taking over our day-to-day tasks, paper still plays a significant role in people’s lives. Your bills come to you on paper. Your children go to school with a heavy bag filled with notebooks, books, and a pad of paper. Just imagine the world without paper. Well, it seems to be impossible. Even businesses need a lot of paper. But where does paper come from, and how is it produced? Environmentalists say that one of the primary factors for cutting trees is the manufacturing of paper. Yes, from a hard log, soft paper is made. This is why we need to recycle paper.

Recycle Paper at the Office

Tons of paper is being produced every day all over the world. With newspapers being printed and books being sold in stores, plus paper bags people use in shopping, manufacturers have to produce more and more each day. Moreover, the production of paper is dependent upon the wood available. To save resources, some companies resort to planting their own trees to be cut down every few years. This is done continually so as to supply them all year round. They call this reforestation. Other manufacturers get their raw material from woods that are gone to waste, which are actually for burning.

Nowadays, manufacturers resort to paper recycling. There have been significant percentages of paper wastes from the total wastes in landfills in all counties. So, it is proven that paper recycling does not just reduce the total wastes from landfills, but paper recycling also helps in protecting the environment. The waste products from factories making papers are reduced, plus pollution in the surroundings is diminished as well. However, the quality of papers produced is as good as before.

Paper that is to be recycled comes from paper which is actually used by consumers, from paper that is damaged before it reached the consumers, and paper wastes from the factories producing paper. All paper undergoes a recycling process where inks and other substances are removed from the paper to make it as good as newly manufactured paper. A newly manufactured paper can undergo recycling processes up to seven times, but the life of the paper gets shorter after each recycling phase. This is due to intensive pulping done to the paper.

There are lots of benefits when companies recycle paper. Because of paper recycling, energy institutions say that there is less energy used in the recycling process. Also, the resources taken from nature are somewhat reduced, because instead of using the raw materials such as wood in manufacturing paper, producers will use the waste paper they collect. According to studies, paper recycling has also proven to be helpful in reducing the pollution in the environment. The production of paper, including the conversion of the raw materials to paper, has waste products as well that some companies do not know how to dispose of. Generally, these wastes are poured to bodies of water and those in gaseous forms are released into the air.

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