Solar Energy Benefits the Environment

Solar Energy Benefits the Environment

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy benefits are extremely valuable. The world relies mostly on coal, oil and natural gas for energy. These are types of non-renewable energy, which means that they draw on limited resources that will eventually become depleted because it will become too expensive or too damaging to the environment. As an alternative, we should make use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy because they are constantly replenished and will never run out.


It may not be common knowledge that most renewable energy comes from the sun. Solar energy can be used for heating and lighting homes and buildings but not only that, because they can also be used to generate electricity, water cooling and heating among various industrial and commercial uses. Solar panels are even made for consumer electronics. However due to electronics short lifespans electronics should be recycled.


What’s good about solar power is that these systems derive pure and clear energy from the sun itself. Installing solar powers on your home lets you help fight against greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. It also reduces our dependency on fossil fuels.


Solar energy technologies are growing from day to day so we should expect more development in the years to come. More and more architects and contractors are seeing the value of using passive solar energy and understanding how to integrate it effectively to the designs of their buildings. Plus, with the support of several states in America, solar energy deployment is slowly being embraced by households, all thanks to the rebates and incentives being offered to them. Solar panels are usually delivered to a home or business on wood pallets. These wood pallets need to be recycled.


Below are solar energy benefits:

  • Solar energy is the way to go in terms of green living. It cuts down your carbon footprint. Because solar energy is renewable, it does not release any harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide. It is said that a typical solar powered home can save you over a ton of carbon dioxide in a year. With this amount:
  • a single household avoids 60,000 miles driven
  • saves¬†2,400 trees
  • saves about 80,000 gallons of water from electricity production
  • Avoids 16 tons of burned coal
  • Solar energy is a quiet source of energy. Unlike other power sources, there is definitely no noise made from photovoltaic panels while they convert the light from the sun into electric power. It is readily accessible. Solar power can easily generate electricity no matter where you are located, just as long as the sun shines there. Even though solar energy cannot be produced during night and cloudy days, it can be used again and again during the day. The energy produced by the sun is consistent, it is a constant source of power and can be used even in the most remote locations out there.
  • Solar energy benefits not only save you money, but it could give you an opportunity to earn passive income. A lot of states such as New Jersey and California offer renewable energy incentives to encourage consumers to use solar photovoltaic adoption. You can check if you qualify and if you do, your local utility company actually gives you financial incentives for the clean energy you have helped produce.
  • Installation of solar energy systems lowers your electric bills to a significant amount. A lot of households save around 50% on their electric bills and some of them have even completely eliminated their electric bill. When you install solar panels in your home or office, your electricity costs will be reduced because sunlight is forever free.
  • It is also an effective way to protect yourself against the constantly rising electricity costs. Take note that the cost of electricity has increased by more than 21% over the last decade; and because fossil fuel supply is dwindling, higher energy costs are inevitable.



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