Seven Reasons to Choose Sustainable Clothing

Seven Reasons to Choose Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing is the new thing in fashion.

Every season, the fashion industry sets a standard tells us what we should be wearing this year. Fashion websites give us ideas on what’s in and what’s out in cuts, colors and even fabrics. However, when we talk about sustainable clothing, only a few of the world’s fashion brands and designers have something to say about it. This is why it is our responsibility to learn about our options in shopping for and wearing eco-friendly clothing choices.

Sustainable clothing choices have a variety of benefits:


  1. It is better for our planet. A portion of our environmental footprint comes from the fashion industry. Most of it comes from the pesticides being used in growing cotton as well as the chemicals from the dyes used in our clothes. Not only that, the impact of the amount of clothes being thrown out in landfills on a yearly basis also factors into this equation. To make things worse, the production of a single piece of clothing requires so much energy. For example, the conventional cotton requires roughly about 1/3 of a pint of chemicals in order to produce a t-shirt. Choosing organic fibers like those made from hemp of bamboo can lessen the carbon footprint.


  1. You’re helping people who made the clothes. When you buy clothes labeled under the Fair Trade Act, you contribute to sustainability. It helps assure the piece of clothing was produced under safe working conditions and not produced in sweatshops. One of the most talked-about controversies in the fashion industry is production. – Some of the clothes we wear were most probably made under very harsh labor practices and unreasonable cost-cutting. Therefore, if we purchase pieces that are considered Fair Trade, we are sure the people who made our clothes were treated fairly and paid accordingly.


  1. It makes the animals happy. Vegans and animal advocates are pushing against pieces made from animals and these include leather, fur, wool, and silk. Why not try shifting to cruelty-free clothing brands? This way, you can get dressed without fussing about how your clothes were made.


  1. Sustainable clothing lasts longer. Perhaps you should start sorting out your closet. Recycle clothing you don’t want anymore – stores such as H&M accept clothes of any brand for recycling. Keep those pieces that you can still use, and in buying new clothes, invest in classic shapes and silhouettes, as well as designs and shades that you can use for as long as possible. This way you are able to save the earth’s energy and resources.


  1. It enables you to develop a personal relationship with local stores and designers. Choosing local and eco-friendly brands not only helps the small businesses around your area, it also reduces all the extra carbon footprint from being shipped all over the country. To do this, look for small boutiques and clothing stores that sell eco-friendly items and pieces. Not only do you have fewer chances of having the same outfit with someone else, but you are also helping the environment at the same time.


  1. You are encouraged to make better choices in taking care of your clothes. Choosing to be eco-friendly means you have to make better choices in keeping your clothes in tip-top shape. Use the cold cycle when washing your clothes to decrease your energy use. Use a biodegradable mild detergent to keep them from polluting our planet, and use a clothesline to dry your clothes to save more energy.
  2. Sustainable clothing manufacturing is where recycled cotton is used. Recycled cotton requires zero water in production.


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