St Boniface Pallet Is Making A Difference In The Pallet Industry

St Boniface Pallet Is Making A Difference In The Pallet Industry

St Boniface Pallet is a top professional and widely recognized pallet company in Canada. The company was founded in 1993 and for over two decades, it has been at the forefront in the pallet industry, providing top-notch pallet production and recycling services. At St Boniface Pallet, clients’ satisfaction is a top priority and it employs the use of state-of-the art technology in producing pallets that meet clients’ requirements. Its staff members are also experts in their chosen fields and are on hand to quickly service customers’ pallets requirements. Their excellent service delivery has earned them a wide clientele base as it caters to the needs of clients in all of Saskatchewan, Western Ontario, Manitoba and Midwestern States.

Its product range is of top quality and provides solution to pallet requirements. They include the following:

  • New and treated pallets
  • Crates built to your specification
  • IPPC ISPM-15 heat-treated products
  • And a large array of wood fibre products such as Enviro-Mulch colored wood chips, playground wood chips, boiler fuel feed stock and animal bedding.

How St Boniface Pallet, Crate and Wood Services Benefit the Environment and Trees


  • At St Boniface Pallet, a major part of its service is the production of finely ground wood chips and scrap lumbers that get used as biomass. On average, these scrap chips get dumped as waste at landfills, however, converting it to carbon-neutral fuel, saves space and also provides an alternative source of energy which is environment friendly as well as economical. It also operates a line of product called Enviro-Mulch, which is an organic and biodegradable. Over time, this product slowly breaks-down to become rich topsoil. It comes in several colours that serve the decorative purpose of beautifying the environment. This mulch also benefits plants and trees as it provides a rich source of nutrient, making them healthy and reducing the amount of water they need.
  • Its array of pallets and crates also benefits companies in that they help to simplify operations, making transportation of products within and outside these organizations faster. With this simplified and more efficient way of operation, administration gets easier and the cost of operation, greatly reduced.
  • Its IPPC Heat Treated Products also ensures that woods for making pallets and crates get heated until its core temperature reaches 56 degrees Celsius for at least 30 minutes.The idea of pre-heating these woods prior to their being used for production, is considered environment friendly as it is a great way to get rid of any pests that could pose some harm to forests.
  • It also operates a recycling policy which ensures that reusable wood waste is left idle or sent to landfill. Instead, repairs are carried out on these broken pallets and crates, which ensure that almost 100% of the woods brought into St Boniface factory, are re-used.
  • Its services also include the use of Wood Shavings and Fiber for Animal and Horse Bedding. Its animal beddings are crafted in a way as to reduce waste and also have a high absorption rate, which serves to minimize odour.
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