How Paramount Pallet Serves Society

How Paramount Pallet Serves Society

Paramount Pallet is a Canadian company that has been in the business of providing high quality pallet products for over three decades. They employ the use of the latest technology in creating the right pallet fit to meet your organization pallet needs. So far, in Paramount Pallet, they have catered to the needs of hundreds of customers from various industries from each of our eight facilities across the countries like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary. Their large base of over 200 employees is always on hand to ensure their clients get the very best of service delivery.

The Environmental Importance of Pallets to the Society

Most large organizations involved in the transportation and delivery of physical products make use of pallets. Besides being an easier, faster and a more economical way to have these products transported and delivered, making use of pallets also afford other benefits to an organization. Some of which are:

  • Making use of pallets, especially wooden pallets, do not require the use of fossil fuel during production.
  • Most pallets are re-used for other purposes such as bio energy generation or chipboard once they can no longer be used as pallets.
  • One of the services they render involves repairing and re-using of pallets, which is a great way to maximize the value of your assets as well as reduce operating costs companies accrue.
  • At Paramount Pallet, they build and sell heat treated pallets. The use of these pallets offers quite a lot of environmental friendly benefits as they become dry and light, saving on cost for fuel during transportation.
  • Their pallets are also well-built and durable, which ensures they last long and saves you further costs.
  • Pallets that get damaged during use can also be easily repaired and re-used.
  • Using pallets to transport your goods also reduce the danger of having those goods damaged or broken during transportation, especially when the products being transported are of a delicate nature.


How Wooden Pallets Help Trees

A lot of activities would be grounded to a halt if there were no pallets to use. However, at Paramount Pallet, recycling and repairing of pallets are top priority. A recent survey conducted shows that pallets are one of the most recycled products in the United States, going as high as 73%. The benefits of using recycled pallets are as follows:

  • More woods get to be preserved as there is less need to use more trees.


  • Most trees are not cut down with the sole intent of making pallets. Pallets are made as a by-product of the lumber used in construction of houses or furniture. Pallets actually get made from woods that are considered ornamental enough to be used for house construction.
  • Also, for every tree that is cut down, two more are planted in its stead and currently, there are more trees standing than they were some few decades ago. In North America, these increase goes as high as 11.9%.







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