How Hershey's Became Awesome At Recycling

How Hershey’s Became Awesome At Recycling

The Hershey Company is a big chocolate manufacturing company located in North America. They have spread their wings all across the world with various operations that have seen their staff capacity grow to a mammoth 12,000 employees. Over the years, the Hershey Company has become a leading name in the chocolate and sugar industry. The company offers popular candy including Kit Kats, Hershey Kisses, Hershey Bliss, Ice Breakers and more. the company is also listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with revenues of over $6 billion. The company is still growing in other markets such as China and Mexico, but they have already established themselves in the United States and Canada.

The Hershey company, since its inception, has been dedicated to the growth and stability of the communities where it carries out its activities and where its employees live. The company takes its corporate and social responsibilities as a top priority. Some of these resposibilitiesinclude: environmental stewardship, building a desirable working environment for its employees and doing business in a fair and ethical way. To show his commitment to the development of society, the Hershey company founder established a school in 1909 in the heart of the city where the company is located. This school is run by the Hershey Trust Company, and they provide free quality education, housing, and medical care for children in need.

The company’s founder started the company’s first recycling plant in 1937; this was before recycling even became known to many. The Hershey Company added equipment that capture biogas at some of its facilities in the United States, and this has reduced the facilities reliance on fossil fuels through the use of energy converting equipment. The company also makes use of two sets of solar arrays which helps reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emission by about 200 metric tons. This is the equivalent of removing 50 vehicles from the road.

In 2012, the Hershey Company announced that three of its facilities located in Pennsylvania had achieved “zero-waste-to-landfill” status, which came about as a result of the company’s continuous effort towards sustainability. The “zero-waste-to-landfill” status was achieved through very rigorous processes of eliminating waste and recycling them into new products or energy as the case may be. This “zero-waste-to-landfills” means that the company has completely eliminated the possibility of dumping waste incurred from production processes in landfills.

Change is a continuous process, and Hershey is dedicated to continuously making efforts to advance its environmental sustainability goals while looking for innovative ways to reduce waste and the impact of its facilities on the environment. Their waste and recycling management system include food waste programs and recycling to benefit charity. For instance, excess food (shelf-stable and perishable) is taken to Channels Food Rescue (CFR) who further distributes to other member agencies including homeless shelters, crisis centers, ad soup kitchens. In addition, in a way to benefit charity through their recycling, their used computers are given to the ABVI (Association for the Blind and Visual Impaired) while their recycled phones are useful to DVI (Domestic Violence Intervention). The company’s employees are always searching for new ways to manage waste or recycle it.



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