Why You Should Sell An Experience And Not Your Services

Why You Should Sell An Experience And Not Your Services

Do your customers tell their Bosses that they just got a 50 percent discount on hard drive destruction after they use your service (lets hope not)? Do your customers go to their bosses and let them know about the experience you provided them? Do you know how to make recycling an experience? If not we have included some tips to help make your services an experience.

One company that stands out in making purchasing their products an experience is Apple. Most retail stores are now copying the whole Apple store concept. Apple sells more products per square foot than any other company. So how did Apple do this and can recycling companies do it to?

Whether you know it or not, people or specifically your customers are telling stories about your brand. Without an active message from you, you are not in control. The last story that you want your customers to say is that they got hard drive destruction “on sale” or that they got CRT glass recycling at a “discount”.

Your recycling service is not typically gong to make your customers life better, but it is the story you tell about it, the experience, the vision of a cleaner, brighter, and healthier environment and earth that they are looking for. You build the story, you are the expert.

Apple uses recycling companies as you can see on there website. Do you think Apple just started working with recycling companies based on getting a 50 percent off coupon? No. I am sure that the recycling companies that Apple uses have been selling an experience. Most major brand like Apple wants to be told a story and have an experience when recycling. Major brands are using the story and experience the recycling companies are providing and turning it into their own.

Selling the recycling experience is a long-term goal and needs to be taken seriously. Your business model needs to be 100 percent behind making the environment a better place and your customers are contributing to the cause. A few tips are listed below to help you to refine your story and experience or to get started crafting an experience and story.

Make Promises and Keep Them – The major promise I hear from recycling companies is the “No Landfill” promise. Do you let your customers know that you will go the extra mile to keep material out of landfills? What is it that your customers care about? Make a promise to them that you can achieve it and then deliver.

Sell Customers the Story – Your customer recycled 5,000 pounds as listed on the certificate of recycling. So what. What is the story? Can you tell a story about how much electricity did it save, how much waster did it conserve, how many trees were saved. Your story is what they will share and remember, not the total weight that was recycled.

Does Your Recycling Company Provide a Lifestyle – Most people want to live a sustainable lifestyle and you can be the expert that helps them live it. You can be cool and be a recycling company unlike those trash haulers, which will never be cool no matter how hard they try. Upcyclers are the forefront of this movement. TerraCycle has built an entire business on providing a recycling lifestyle.

Make a Connection – Connect the dots. Recycling benefits our children, the animals, the planet, and at the same time can reduce cost, generate revenue, and mitigate risks. What other connections can you make?

Create Moments – Your customers should be able to engage with your social media through content marketing. Surprise your customers; give them something new and exciting that they care about on a regular basis.

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