Who is Making the Greenest Computers

Who is Making the Greenest Computers

Computers have advanced our technologies so that we can create and do many amazing things never before imagined. On the flip side, computers are not even remotely close to being environmentally friendly. Computers become outdated and useless at newer models come out. Most people are unsure of what to do with older computers. They usually end up going to the landfill, where it pollutes the environment.

Older computers especially, but even modern computers can contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and arsenic. These types of toxic chemicals can contaminate the water table and spread quickly killing plants, animals and poisoning the soil. Although there are laws that prohibit computers being sent the landfill, not everyone abides by the rules. To fix this problem, prominent computer manufactures have arrived at a solution.

Buy-back or recycling programs are the answer to this problem. When people purchase a new computer, they can bring their old one in for recycling, even if that computer is a different brand than the one currently being purchased. In some cases, depending on the company, computers can be even bought back. This encouraged computer users to hand over old computers instead of sending them to the dump.

Dell created a Studio Hybrid ultra green desktop computer. It is an Energy Star 5.0 qualified and has a gold EPEAT rating. Lenovo uses plastic water bottles when manufacturing their green computers, plus recycled material in its product packaging. They also provides a program they call Eco Take Back, where they accept free recycling for all of its computers and other electronic products, whether it be a small business or a regular consumer.

Apple is always working on creating greener computers. They created a Mac Mini which uses only 14 watts while idle. It also is BFR, PVC and lead free. As always, Apple accepts any computer for recycling when you purchase a new computer. Hewlett Packard (HP) provides many Energy Star qualified computers, along with Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay label.

Another green type of computer is that with an alternative power source. When you think of solar power, the traditional concept is solar power for homes. Solartron Technologies and Solar Home are broadening that definition by making solar power possible for more everyday items such as computers. They provide power for a regular computer. Hopefully their next step will be solar power for laptops, but for now they are just trying to overcome the hurtle of using solar powers for personal computers.

Gareth Amon, CEO and Founder of RecyclingQuotes.com, a company that works with recycling companies, states that: “recycling companies are becoming more and more connected to the communities in which they operate. As people become more environmentally conscious, they turn to recycling companies to provide information on the best practices for recycling. As we make recycling more social, it becomes a social responsibility, and we are doing our best to promote recycling companies to the social communities in which they operate,” added Mr. Amon.

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