Premier Surplus Inc is Reducing the Impacts of Electronic Waste Through Recycling

Premier Surplus Inc is Reducing the Impacts of Electronic Waste Through Recycling

Electronic Recycling is done to help prevent what is known as E-waste:

Right from the start, it is very important to know that failing to recycle electronics or computers can lead to many risks for the environment. Consumers replace and use electronic devices at a very alarming rate. It is estimated that twenty to fifty million tons of e-waste is created throughout the world every year, and with each year it just grows. From this amount, about five and a half tons of the e-waste is made up of televisions, cell phones and computers. Because there is so much e-waste out there, it is now imperative for the manufacturers of these products as well as the municipalities to promote the reuse and recycling of computers and other electronic devices. Even with all of the electronic recycling (there is an estimated one hundred million pounds of electronics), there are even more electronics that are just getting thrown away and wasted.

Solutions to the E-waste problem:

Because there is so much e-waste today a new industry has formed during the past few decades. Electronics recycling companies are the solution to the e-waste problem. One electronics recycler that is making a big difference is Premier Surplus, Inc. which is located 25 miles north of Atlanta, GA. Premier Surplus, Inc. is a woman owned, R2 Certified business that specializes in Electronic Asset recycling solutions. This includes “end-of-life” equipment management, remarketing, recycling, product destruction, and data destruction. Stephanie Kennedy Owner and CFO states, “Our mission is to eliminate environmental, privacy, and reputation risks, while reducing solid and hazardous waste, conserving resources and protecting public health for any business recycling Electronic Assets.” Premier Surplus, Inc. recycles more than 12 million pounds of electronic waste every year.

E-waste and the Impact on Landfills:

Just in the United States during the year of 2009, there were 2.37 tons of electronic waste altogether, and from that about 1.7 million tons ended up in landfills. When materials like this go to landfills, it takes up space that can be used for items that are not recoverable or reusable. A lot of the e-waste actually gets sent overseas in hopes of recycling, but more often than not it actually causes pollution in the landfills. Phillip Kennedy, President of Premier Surplus, Inc. states that, “By offering a full service recycling solution, Fortune 100 businesses, schools, government agencies, and hospitals utilize Premier Surplus, Inc. to divert their end of life electronics out of the landfill.” Mr. Kennedy, further states that, “As technology advances at a great pace, the need to properly recycle obsolete electronics grows in lock step. Premier Surplus, Inc. diverts more than 12 million of pounds of electronics out of the landfill every year.”

E-waste and the Pollution of Groundwater:

In short, the metals from the electronic devices that end up in the landfills can leach into the ground that surrounds the dump sites. This type of pollution can affect the groundwater as well as the fauna and the flora in which depend on it all.

E-waste and the Consumption of Energy:

The infrastructure of computers contains materials such as platinum, gold and copper. Throwing away computers causes manufacturers to use energy and other forms of resources to find these materials that are raw in order to use them for new products. All of this and more expels greenhouse gases out into the environment which leads to a lot of effects when it comes to the changing of the climate. Recycling computers allows the manufacturers to reuse the materials inside of them for new products instead of wasting them.

E-waste and the Impact on the Economy:

You can discard an outdated computer for a newer one even if it still works. This benefits schools, small businesses and others. Doing this helps out a lot of people in addition to the environment, and helps to keep all of the landfills a lot less empty in the end. Pollution in the air, land, and water becomes better when more recycling happens, not to mention animals are safer. a company that works with Premier Surplus, Inc. states that “Premier Surplus, Inc. is becoming more and more connected to the communities in which they operate”, said company CEO and Founder Gareth Amon.   “As people become more environmentally conscious they turn to Premier Surplus, Inc. to provide information on the best practices for recycling. As we make recycling more social it becomes a social responsibility and we are doing our best to promote recycling companies to the social communities in which they operate,” added Mr. Amon.

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