Playgrounds Made From Recycled Materials 

Playgrounds Made From Recycled Materials 

Playgrounds have always been used as ways to help recycle used items such as old tires, but today the old tires are not the only thing being recycled. New designs for parks have been created using materials from vastly different spheres. Not only are these new and environmentally friendly, but they provide children with new and imaginative playground opposed to the conventional stamped out replica models found around the world. How are these designs new?

In Stavanger, Norway, they have a playground created from materials from old oil rigs, including the old plastic buoys. The materials are cleaned, painted and then reformed into a one of a kind park. Not only does this type of park provide a new use for these retired items, but takes much less than creating a whole new structure. It would take melting down and reforming to make a new park, but it takes much resources to clean, paint and creatively position items to form a park.

Another great innovated recycling park idea comes from Melbourne, Australia. At a place called Skinners Playground, they have used old shipping containers and created a fort for a playground. It is an inventive way to reuse and reduce while providing something new and useful. In Sau Paulo, Brazil, you can find a recycled cardboard labyrinth that provides a new stomping ground for children and parents alike.

Rotterdam, Netherlands host the beautiful Wikado Playground which is made from old wind turbine blades. This idea provides great tunnels, amazing slides and a great time for children around the world. In Alabama, 2,000 steel drums are recycled to make the amazing Lions Park playground. It provides swings, monkey bars, stairs, and jungle gym. A new and innovated park created from something once thought to be useless.

Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire is known for making play structures out of water bottles. Using the colored bottle tops to turn old cars into bright and color airplanes or using actual plastic bottles to fashion climbing structures. And in Niamey Niger is an amazing playground constructed of tires, plastic drums, tires and even garbage bags.
Playgrounds need to break out of the box and become not only environmentally friendly but fun for children. Stretch their imaginations and provide them with something new and ingenuous for play. Inspire them, and help them learn the importance of recycling by building a recycled playground.

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