Plastic Grocery Bags Are Being Banned And Recycled

Plastic Grocery Bags Are Being Banned And Recycled

High-Tech Innovations of the Plastic Bag and Recycling:

There is a lot more to recycling now than ever before. For example, there is no thinking of what will come out next. However, one of the next best things is the top five unique ways that they reuse plastic bags. These ideas are the newest and best ideas out there right now. For example, they can reuse plastic bags to make diesel fuel in addition to other products that are made of petroleum. This process is amazing, because it uses a lot less of energy.

The second high-tech and innovative method for recycling plastic bags is making roads out of them. This idea, in which plastic from landfills is used in the asphalt mix that builds roads, has been in the works since the start of the early 1990s. There are more than one-thousand miles of road out there in the world right now that are built out of this material, and it has been found to last a lot longer and wear out a lot less.

The third recycling use for plastic bags is making bricks that are made out of concrete. There is now a way in which plastic bags can be granulated, and this gets mixed with the concrete to make bricks. Bricks made this way have a lot of benefits environmentally; they help keep the plastic out of landfills and eliminate the need to add other materials into the concrete mix.

The fourth reuse is one of the most exciting ones–it turns plastic bags into CNTs (carbon nanotube membranes). This is the strongest material in the world. It is hundreds and hundreds of times stronger than steel, and it is six times lighter than the weight of steel. As of right now, this material is used for more sophisticated things such as wind turbines, sensing devices and more. The future for this material is exciting, and there is potential for medical innovations as well as energy storage, batteries and more.

The fifth and last high-tech and innovative use for recycling plastic bags is to use them in the process of creating what is known as composite decking. This began as an alternative to lumber in the early 1990s, and is now known as reclaimed wood which is made out of sawdust and recycled plastic. The recycled plastic used for this can come from shopping bags, food storage bags, dry cleaning bags, the sleeves of newspapers and more. Every five hundred square feet of a composite deck is the equivalent to one hundred and forty thousand plastic bags that are recycled.

All of these uses are out of this world, innovating and reusing one simple item: plastic. Now, think of all we can do with other materials we recycle.

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