Is the Personal Computer Dying

Is the Personal Computer Dying

Did you know that personal computers or PC are becoming obsolete? They are no longer needed in the new world of technology. When they first came out in the market, PC were an immediate hit. From then on, every six months there are better and better PC. They were faster, held more memory or a better graphic card. Now with the advent of tablets and mobile phones that are are capable of doing the same work as your PC at home, but with the advantage of using it on the go, this is become the last nail in the PC coffin. Believe it or not, your PC is out of date.

Why would tablets and cell phones make your PC out of date? Well think about it. Would you use your laptop or PC more or less if you had a lighter, flatter, and smaller device that you could carry easily in a small purse or bag? Of course you would. Its just like portable CD players are more moving friendly than boomboxes. Now mp3 players are more convenient by fitting in your pocket and better than the old portable CD players. The same goes for PC’s. They were the better than computers that filled a whole rooms, but today they are much less portable than a tablet or a mobile phone.

One of the biggest selling factors of tablets and mobile phones is their ability to connect to the internet no matter where you are. With the internet going wireless, it was the first step that PC were becoming out of date. You no longer need a phone line to connect to the internet, therefore you are no longer restricted to surfing the internet from your PC. Your tablet and cell phone is capable of doing the same surfing while waiting in the drive thru line or sitting in the waiting room of a doctor and dentist office. And you can surf the internet as you walk around your house, instead of being stuck in the room your PC is sitting in.

So what are you going to do with your old PC? You could use it as a computer for your children, so that way your tablet or cell phone does not get destroyed, or they won’t delete your apps. If you don’t have children, think about donating it to a public school. No doubt your local public school has older PC ‘s than yours. Another great option is recycling your old PC. Most people don’t realize that computers and other electronics can be recycled. All of the little circuits and wires inside a computer can be reused. That also includes the computer boards themselves.

Not only should you recycle your old PC, but encourage your friends to do the same. Even with your new tablets and mobile phones, you should recycle them as well. For recycling, electronics used, broken, or dead can be donated. All the parts of these electronics can be removed and used to build new phones, tablets or other devices. Do not trash your old computers or electronics as it is a waste of useful parts. This also includes your old ipods, phones, mp3 players, kindles, DVD players, game consoles and even those game controllers. Try and recycle items before throwing them in your garbage bin.

True your PC has quickly become out of date, but that does not mean you should just hand it over to the garbage man. Instead recycle it. You can help out the planet and still stay savvy with your newest tablets or cell phones. Expand your thinking, recycle.

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