Is the #Hashtag Still Relevant

Is the #Hashtag Still Relevant

#Hashtags are everywhere. Is your recycling company using them correctly and are they relevant. Hashtags could be considered the most popular way to categorize content on social media websites and apps. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest all use them. Hashtags are a great way to discover new content on social media as well as being discovered. Hashtags allow you to connect with other users that have your same interests in mind. Since hashtags are obviously still relevant I want to suggest a few tips to get recyclers to use them and take advantage of what they can bring to your business.

People who #recycle are passionate about the #environment. If you use #hashtags while discussing issues that are important to your #business you can obtain new followers that are looking at the same issues and topics. The more specific your hashtags are the more direct engagement you can get for that topic.

Each Social network uses hashtags a bit different but the fundamental is still the same. Instagram users love to hashtag pictures while on Twitter users like to hashtag subjects. Make sure you prepare a strategy when determining how you want to use hashtags.

Also creating unique hashtags is becoming really popular for brands. Brands do this by creating a catchy phrase for their customers, followers and their audience to use as a community. I would love to see some of this for the recycling industry.

However you end up using hashtags there are some things you want to stay away from. Have you ever seem a hashtage that is like a paragraph. That’s just annoying and what about the hashtags have more words that the post. That’s not so great. I would suggest to only use a few and never more than 5.

It all goes back to being specific and creating a way for your audience to engage with each other.

To effectively grow your recycling business you need a solid social media plan, content marketing, and a strong website to lead your traffic to. If you need help with any of these you should join recycling network. For more information about our marketing services Click Here! or Call 817-946-5655.

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