How the Air Is Better When More Is  Recycled

How the Air Is Better When More Is Recycled

Recycling is important for many reasons. The more recycling is done, the better the air will be because there will be less pollution. Also, there are fewer landfills. There was a study done in Orange County, North Carolina that showed how the residents near the landfill had more problems with their respiratory system than other people, and they also had irritated noses and eyes. This was especially the case when the hydrogen sulfide gas was present in the area. The smell of this gas was not good at all, and it lead to an indication of other smells coming out.

When someone recycles, it also helps out the air by lowering the demand for the use of power. This is helpful because handling recycled materials uses less power collecting, shipping and even processing than having to handle raw materials by mining, shipping, processing or refining them. Less power also means a better outcome for the greenhouse gas emissions because less power means fewer emissions. This process of reduction is the result of recycling happening which means that fossil fuels such as coal, diesel and gasoline do not need to be burned. With recycling, it also means that the emissions will be lower from the incinerators. Keep in mind that living trees can soak up carbon dioxide.

In the United States, recycling has a lot to do with everyday life. This is simply because recycling is a major business. For example, In 2011, Americans made more than two-hundred and fifty million tons of trash in which almost 35% was recycled. The 35% equals out to eighty-seven million tons, and this amount of recycling helped benefit the air as well as the land and the water in many ways. Also, in 2005, the Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania was able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases down by nine million tons of carbon dioxide.

With recycling:

  • There are fewer landfills
  • There is less power used
  • There are lower greenhouse gas emissions

Recycling and the Air for the Worse:

In 2013, Houston found that when recycling metal, the smoke created can harm those around by causing cancer due to the metal compounds released into the air. Since this discovery, the city has been working very closely with recyclers to better reduce the chemical exposure to the city and its people. The cutting and welding of the metal is what caused most of the chemicals in the first place.

Gareth Amon, CEO and Founder of, a company that works with recycling companies, states that: “recycling companies are becoming more and more connected to the communities in which they operate. As people become more environmentally conscious, they turn to recycling companies to provide information on the best practices for recycling. As we make recycling more social, it becomes a social responsibility, and we are doing our best to promote recycling companies to the social communities in which they operate,” added Mr. Amon.

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