How a Recycling Company Can Get 10,000 Followers on Social Media

How a Recycling Company Can Get 10,000 Followers on Social Media

Social Media followers are tied to your brand recognition. Followers give you credibility and lets you know how far your brand can reach. Having a high number of followers can give you confidence and provides you with the all important DATA you need to grow.

Investing in Social Media is a little, actually, a lot different than investing in a shredder or baler. Most recyclers are not familiar with what the return on investment (ROI) looks like that social media provides.

If you don’t believe that social media has a ROI then stop reading and click on the next article. What is Social Media ROI?

If you do believe that social media has a ROI the following information will help you obtain a large number of followers and grow your business.

Getting Started: (some Recyclers don’t even have social media and some are without websites)

  1. Create your profile – You must complete the entire profile based on your brand and what you stand for. Use KEYWORDS. Keywords are important to show up in searches. Use beautiful graphics but have it fit your brand. If your profile is missing pieces of information no one will take you seriously.
  2. Consistency – Your social media accounts need to be active as well as blogs. If you have a new visitor and you haven’t updated in months, you will lose out on that follower ever coming back. When being active you need to stay in touch with followers and be active in conversations.
  3. Retaining your customers/followers – We all know that it is easier to retain a customer than get a new one. It is also cheaper to. The same principle applies to social media followers. We also know that 20% of our customers give us 80% of our business. With social media if you have an influencer following you and they share something it can have a very significant impact. Its important to retain all your followers.

By covering the basics you are set up to start acquiring followers. The 3 networks that we suggest you should start on are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn although you can use any three. When you see likes pile up on Facebook they may originate somewhere else like this picture of what really happens versus what we think happens.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.11.44 PM

Content that you publish or share can be the most important for getting followers.

  1. Help out your audience. The more quality your content is the more helpful it is to your users. Sometimes if we need information on recycling we can look to social networks and find what we need.
  2. Sharing quotes and pictures is very popular. Be sure to share some that are directly related to your business.
  3. Be an expert. Go above and beyond to give your audience important information. Try using different types of media to get your message across.
  4. Follow trends. Look for trends related to your business. Earth Day for example is a good one to take and run with.
  5. Create content that has personality. Let your audience know who your company is and what it represents. Respond and engage with your audience.

Facebook –

  1. Is a fast network as newsfeeds fly by. This gives you the opportunity to get lots of followers. To get followers you must follow others. If you want to control what you see in your feed then this strategy wont work. However, you are sacrificing more than you gain. You can create lists and segments of your followers if controlling your feed is important.
  2. Find influencers that you can leverage and follow people that share.
  3. Join relevant conversations.
  4. Follow all the people you know or have a relationship with. Most networks have an upload feature.
  5. Engage with people you want to know. You can ask questions or share information.
  6. Post to Facebook 2 times a day or more if you have great content.

Twitter –

  1. Twitter has the same steps as Facebook except for some of the limits on following are limited per day.
  2. You should be posting to Twitter no fewer than 5 times a day.

LinkedIn –

  1. LinkedIn is a professional network, so keep it professional.
  2. LinkedIn contacts need to be built very carefully as the are great for B2B communication.
  3. Make sure you communicate with purpose. Have a reason to be there. Make sure you congratulate others on professional achievements.
  4. Create content that is meaningful for groups.

To effectively grow your recycling business you need a solid social media plan, content marketing, and a strong website to lead your traffic to. If you need help with any of these you should join recycling network. For more information about our marketing services Click Here! or Call 817-946-5655.

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