Find the Best Social Media Platform for Your Recycling Company

Find the Best Social Media Platform for Your Recycling Company

Is your recycling company on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest? NO. Well are you losing out?

Some social media experts think that if you spread yourself out to thin then you may miss out on your true audience.

Have you figured out where your audience is?

What does it take to get to know them?

How can you find the right social network for your audience?

One thing you need to ask yourself is do you want to be everywhere or just focus on one social network. To help you decide we have included some information below.

  1. Do you want to be on all the social media networks?

Some think that the best way to build an audience is go to where they are. Some of you audience may like videos, some may like photos, and others may like reading blogs and news articles to get information.

If you choose only one channel you may miss out on a portion of that audience. Some of the benefits of choosing multiple channels to broadcast on are that your reach people with different interests. Most people are on multiple social media channels so if your recycling business is on multiple channels then you can get your message across multiple times. And we all know that the more times you see a message the more likely that person will become a customer.

If you have limited time and resources there are many tools and resources out there to help you out.

  1. Do you just want to focus on one social media network?

Some think that you should pick one social media network and become an expert at it. This way you can give your audience exactly what they want and can have more control over getting new followers and generating leads. By focusing on one social network you can also create more defined content that can give you greater results. It may be easier to put all of your effort into one social media network due to the demands of creating the content. Getting your audience started is the hardest part and having to do it for multiple channels can be difficult. While focusing on 1 channel you can really engage your followers and give then content more often as you are not spreading yourself to thin.

By staying focused on one social media network you can really learn customers needs and respond very quickly to your audience. Once you begin to become and expert with that audience you should definitely spread out to more channels.

Once you figure out if you want to go with one or multiple social media channels you need to decide which one or ones. To help you with this we have come up with six steps to help you.

Step 1. Understand your audience

Step 2. Understand your Goals

Step 3. Understand what each social network can provide and for what purpose

Step 4. Rank the Social Media Networks based on Audience

Step 5. Determine what kind of content you want to create

Step 6. Plan on how you will engage with your followers.

Follow up with us to get detailed information on these 6 steps.

To effectively grow your recycling business you need a solid social media plan, content marketing, and a strong website to lead your traffic to. If you need help with any of these you should join recycling network. For more information about our marketing services Click Here! or Call 817-946-5655.

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