Fashion is Damaging the Environment

Fashion is Damaging the Environment

Fashionable clothing may look fabulous in the store or in your closet, but those clothes before arriving at the store have already damaged the environment. Unbeknownst to many of those who purchase many popular fashion labels, those companies have invested in clothing that is slowly poisoning the environment. The answer to this problem is more complicated than you might expect.

Which companies are at fault for supplying clothing that contains chemicals that are toxic to the environment? Well know companies such as Victoria’s Secrets, H&M, and Zara. The Greenpeace did a study of major worldwide fashion brands and tested their clothing for chemical toxins. Using independent laboratories, testing 140 pieces of clothing, made from 26 countries around the world proved that many of the clothing held a host of different toxins. This results from how the manufactures create the clothing.

It seems like all the public needs to do is demand that brand name fashion designers stop using manufacture that pollute the environment. In fact this has indeed happened in the past. In 2011 Greenpeace started a campaign called Detox demanding that big brand names change the amount of chemicals and toxins in their clothing manufacturing process. But the problem stems from more than the those who produce the clothing for mass distribution.

Those who produce the clothing purchase fabric from producers that do not run their companies as you would expect. Think of it as the supply chain is a complicated structure. For example, the supplier of the fabric requests certain chemicals that are used to produce the right color and consistency for the fabric. The supplier of the chemicals do not always provide the same caliber of chemicals every time. If they are missing one type of chemical, they go to a family member of friend to provide them from their store of chemicals. The end result is that nobody know what exactly has been given or order from who but eventually fulfills the request anyways.

Why are these chemicals so dangerous to the environment? The chemicals used by these companies are carcinogenic and tamper with the hormonal system. Businesses that use these chemicals dump their waste into the nearby rivers. This in turn pollutes the water that kills marine life or deforms them. Another reason toxic chemicals in clothing is so terrible, is that when purchased, the first time the clothing is washed the same toxins are released into the water, polluting our water source.

Before you head to the store to buy the most fashionable clothes to date, look online to check and make sure these clothes are not going to be toxic to the environment. Since Greenpeace new Detox campaign several of the offending companies promised to make their efforts to use clean chemicals only. Do you part and support clean chemical fashion brands.

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