Engage Your Customers With Videos to Get Them to Recycle

Engage Your Customers With Videos to Get Them to Recycle

Everybody knows that videos are good for business. Well, how come most recycling companies don’t have a YouTube page or they only a few videos. A good video, that is professionally produced will run from $5,000 to $15,000. That’s a lot of money to invest in one piece of content marketing. Good thing there are cheaper alternatives.

Videos are important, so much that 73 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing a company video. The video I am seeing on a lot of recycling companies websites and YouTube pages are hard drive destruction. Although this is a good start there is so much more recycling companies can do.

Because video marketing is so diverse you can do a lot with a little creativity. Some recycling companies may think that video production is too expensive or to time consuming but those fears are irrational. The iPhone has a great camera and there are many cheap apps that you can edit video on. However, you need to know a little about how to film so your video doesn’t seem amateurish. To get started plan your video shoot out, and shoot your plan. You need good lighting as well and good audio is a must. Having bad audio is the number 1 reasons why people leave watching a video.

When making a video you need to decide what type you want to make.

Funny Videos:

Can you make a funny video that is related to your product or service? Sometimes the viral and shocking videos can entertain your customers.

Culture Videos:

Do you want to have a video that shows the culture of your business? These types of video can help you build up a passionate group of followers that relate to your brand and culture.

Instructional Videos:

Instructional videos do not need to show something difficult to do. The fun part is coming up with a creative way to show a unique look at how to do something. Im not saying throwing a hard drive in a shredder isn’t good, but can recyclers get a little more creative. Have you seen the guy who tested and iPhone in a blended that go millions and millions of views. Isn’t this considered data destruction?

Product Based Videos:

Reduce, ReUse, Recycle right. I know most recycling companies have an eBay store to resell reusable electronics but how come I don’t see any product videos on YouTube. Even though you may only have one item to sell, make a video of it as you will continue to drive traffic to your website because of it, which will lead to more sales.

So now you know what types of videos to get started on you may need to know what tools you need. You don’t need to spend a lot of money so below are some of our suggestions.

Get a good camera:

Im not going to get into a debate over which is best Canon or Nikon, although we use the Canon 5D Mark III. However, if you know a little about photography, you should be able to use an iPhone as they take amazing videos and pictures.

Gett a good tripod:

A tripod will help you stabilize your videos and look more professional. There are a lot on Amazon to choose from. We use a higher end brand called Manfrotto.

Use editing software:

YouTube has an editor now, but there are others that you can use. Try to find one that is easy for you to use as there is a large learning cureve. Lynda.com is a good resource to learn how to use software.

Where to Post Videos:


So now that you have a video, where are you going to post it to create an audience? Most recyclers are building an audience on YouTube. YouTube has more than 1 billion users who watch billions of videos everyday. This is a great place to start.


Facebook has done a lot recently to step up its video capabilities to challenge YouTube. You definitely need to consider sending videos out on Facebook. Videos can go viral on Facebook as well. You can even pay to market videos on Facebook.

Your Website:

Do forget about posting your videos on your website. This may seem obvious but we see a lot of recycling companies that don’t want to pay a little extra money to have there web developers ad some code to the websites to ad videos. If you need help with this Free Recycling Quotes can help you update your website.


Recyclers often overlook Vimeo because Vimeo is typically know for more artistic videos. Don’t overlook them just get creative when you are planning your video.


Unfortunately most recyclers are not utilizing Instagram. The biggest brands in the world have done amazingly beautiful post on Instagram for their products. By posting a video on Instagram you will stand above the crowd.


If you want to make a weird video Vines is the place to go.

Now that you have some more info on videos, I’m expecting to see more videos. If you need help you can contact us any time.

If you have other tips and suggestions please add them in the comments below.

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