Can These 5 Artist Be Considered Recyclers

Can These 5 Artist Be Considered Recyclers

Some Amazing Artists Doing Wonders with Recycled Materials:

Reducing, reusing and recycling are things everyone should do, but for artists, reduce, reuse and recycle can mean something completely different. Below are some artists best known for reusing and recycling with the creation of their art.

  1. Lin Evola – Smidt: This artist didn’t want her children growing up in a world of violence (no one does), so she did something about it. She creates statues of angels with guns that are given up. Most of the guns used to make these statues are guns that are given by residents themselves. Her most famous piece of artwork is known as the renaissance peace angel, and can be found at Ground Zero.jerusalem
  2. Michelle Reader: This artist uses recycled materials to make all kinds of sculptures. She uses industrial and household materials, and even incorporates the working parts of clocks and toys to make them more mechanical. Her most famous piece is known as “Seven Waste Men.” For this project, she took the waste that seven people created over three weeks’ time and made life-sized statues. This piece of artwork brought much needed attention to how much waste a person can make, and how important it is to recycle. A few of the items used in this infamous sculpture include a shopping list, a birthday card, a child’s drawing and more.rubbish people sand
  3. Ptolemy Erlington: This artist is most well known for making figurines and sculptures out of hubcaps. Hubcaps are the things he most enjoys working with and are commonly found on the side of the road. When the hubcap is found in this way, it has little value. However, he makes it into something of worth. One of his best pieces features a hubcap warthog.recycled-hubcap-warthog
  4. Wim Delvoye: This Belgium artist is well known for creating intricate works of art out of old and used tires. All of his creations still have the structure of the tire but incorporate details and works of art such as vines, flowers, nature and more. He never uses mechanical devices when making one of his works of art, even though carving a tire and sculpting one by hand takes a lot of hard work and time to complete.Wim-Delvoye-tire1
  5. Tim Noble and Sue Webster: This team of artists is known for their unique shadow sculptures. When you first look at their art, you just see piles of trash. However, when you light up the trash from different sides, you can see what they really become. The shadows created from their sculptures are very detailed and feature people, animals and more.
  6. Miss_Understood_and_Mr_Meanor,_1997


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