Batteries of the Future are Here

Batteries of the Future are Here

Since batteries are so destructive to the environment, any new type of replacement would be better than the current system. At Stanford University in the Precourt Institute for Energy, a group of engineers and material scientist led by a man named Hongjie Dai have developed a new battery. Their new battery surpasses the imagination and has unbelievable futuristic type of qualities.

These new batteries are not in the traditional form of batteries we see at the store. The battery is made out of aluminum and looks like a gel packet. In fact you can squeeze it and pretty much fold it in half and it will still work. A battery that is malleable can be used, say in computers. Although the technology is still not that far advanced to provide that much energy in this particular battery, but it does hold much more than a regular AA battery.

The gel pack battery holds a max of 2 volts. Compared to a lithium-ion battery which holds twice that energy, the truth of the matter is that as technology grows they will be able to make a gel pack battery that holds more than 2 volts.

Rechargeable batteries take a long time to recharge depending on how deplete the energy is inside the battery it can need a few hours or up to 12 hours. Even cell phones take between 10 and 30 minutes. The new innovated batteries built by Dai and his group can recharge that battery in about a minute.

One problem with regular rechargeable batteries is that they can only be charged so many times before the batteries die out. Dai and his group tested their battery and it didn’t even wear out after 7,500 times of recharging their new flexible battery.

Another way this battery is better than current ones is that they are more resistant when it comes to wear and tare. After putting their battery through rough and tough use which includes even taking a drill to their working battery, it did not create a dangerous leaks or other disasters such as exploding. In other words this battery has the resistance to not leak into the environment contaminating the water table and soil.

Dai and his groups battery may be a while from mass manufacture, they are on the right road to providing a new rechargeable battery that won’t be toxic if sent to the landfill. And due to its ability to do almost infinite recharging it is most likely these batteries will never see the dump.

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