Are VWs the Most Popular Car to Recycle

Whether on the television or radio, you hear about donating your old car to this or that charity, but there is more to just donating your car that should encourage you to give. Cars are essential to securing a job, food, and providing transportation for children to school and back. When you are ready to buy a new car, instead of trading it in to the dealer, sending it to the dump, or putting it on the internet for sale, think about recycling your car. In a way, donating and recycling your old car is the same concept. When you donate you are also recycling your old vehicle.

One of the first things you are told about car recycling or donating your car is that you receive a tax benefit. More often than not you will find that donating or recycling your car will pay you back at the end of the year better than a dealership can offer. There is no way you can sell your car and receive the benefits in return for the donation or recycling of your car. Sure the governments tax incentive is a great reason to recycle your car, but it also helps the environment to have your car be reused for either parts or driven by someone else.

Donating or recycling your car to a charity also provides them with extra money. Whether you are donating your car to help children receive specific medical care or to help save the whales, you are making a difference. When money is scarce, the first thing that people stop doing is donating to charities. In an economic down turn your car donation is crucial to the survival of these charities as well as those they protect and assist. Your car recycling can be the only thing stopping the death of a child or an endangered species. Donating or recycling your car not only saves the environment but also saves lives.

Before you donate or recycle your car to just any charity or organization, it is prudent to do your homework. Many of the car donations are given to charities in hopes to provide more funding for researching deadly diseases. When you start looking into these charities, you might discover that a large portion of the proceeds actually go to the company and not the charity. Or maybe only a small percentage actually makes it to the schools in Africa. Remember to do your homework on the charity before you donate or recycle your car.

Not all car recycling or donations require a running car. There is more worth in a car than just its ability to move. Parts from an old car that work fine can be used to replace a broken part in the same model. In other words parts from one car can keep another car on the road. Search around and ask your local mechanics about recycling your car for parts and where you can make those donations. Although you may not be donating your car to a specific charity, you are assuring your car will not end up in the dump either.

Think about recycling your old car instead of trading it in to the dealership. It can provide lower income people with the transportation they need to secure a job and take care of their families. Recycling your car can provide added funding for researching cures for AIDS, caners and other deadly illnesses. Aside from a tax benefit and revenues for a specific charity, you also can feel good in knowing you did your part to help the environment by recycling your car.

Gareth Amon, CEO and Founder of, a company that works with recycling companies, states that: “recycling companies are becoming more and more connected to the communities in which they operate. As people become more environmentally conscious, they turn to recycling companies to provide information on the best practices for recycling. As we make recycling more social, it becomes a social responsibility, and we are doing our best to promote recycling companies to the social communities in which they operate,” added Mr. Amon.

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