8 Simple Ways You Can Help to Stop Climate Change

8 Simple Ways You Can Help to Stop Climate Change

Let’s face it — climate change is not just a fear that we face but now it has become a potentially disastrous reality that we are all starting to experience. Day by day, the effects of climate change are expected to get worse, according to experts.

Many countries have experienced longer summers and heavier rainfalls. Aside from these, wildfires, flooding and drought are also expected.

Because of this, each and every one of us must take action against climate change. The electronics recycling industry is helping take action by recycling hard to recycle items. In doing so there is less mining for raw materials in the world today.

Here’s how to take action against climate change:

  1. Be informed. The best way you can fight against climate change is to be informed about it. If you understand what is going on with climate change and what can be done about it, you are able to make the right choices, especially in supporting those people who have the power to make big decisions on this matter. It is also important that you only read verified and credible sources of information on climate change for facts and resources.
  2. Make smarter food decisions. Choose organic and locally grown food items and avoid giving in to processed food. If you have a garden or a backyard in your home, grow some of your own food — particularly vegetables and grains for example. Limit your meat intake. According to The Livestock, Environment and Development (LEAD) Initiative, about 18% of greenhouse gases are caused by livestock farming. It is said that a single steak throws out more carbon dioxide than driving for one hour and leaving all your lights turned on at home.
  3. Practice smart driving. Reduce your speed on the road. Decrease your air conditioning usage as needed. Make sure that your tires are fully inflated and check everything including your engines before your trip. This is important because road transport produces around 25% of carbon dioxide emissions.
  4. Trim your waste. When garbage is buried in landfills, it produces a potent greenhouse gas known as methane. To reduce your waste, start with your kitchen. Compost your food scraps, as well as the trimmings in your garden. Before tossing out the trash, practice segregation. Recycle what can still be used, such as paper, plastic, metal and gas. Support products that have recyclable and recycled packaging.
  5. Turn off unnecessary appliances when not in use. This is important especially at night. Make sure to turn off computers, lights, television and any other appliances you don’t use at night to increase our carbon savings. 17 million computer units turned off at night’s carbon savings would be equivalent to removing 245,000 cars from the road. If you’re using your computer, adjust its settings to make sure that it automatically shuts down when you’re not using it. Also adjust its brightness settings because when it’s high, it consumes more power.
  6. Walk regularly. Walking saves you fuel and tickets so it is recommended to walk whenever possible. It does not emit pollution and is carbon free so you’re helping the environment simply by walking. Not only that, walking improves your health, reduces stress and gives you adequate time to think and meditate.
  7. Take shorter showers. An average of 8-9 minute showers each day makes up about 12% of our water usage and costs a ton of money. Cutting down your daily shower routine reduces your water and electric bill.
  8. Encourage others to do the same. Spread the word about climate change and its effects. Educate people about It. Ask your community to find out if it has a climate action plan and find ways where you can contribute.

Do you have more ideas when it comes to climate change or reusing or recycling old consumer electronics? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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