70 Percent of the World Population Wears Used Clothing

70 Percent of the World Population Wears Used Clothing

Textile waste is a battle that keeps growing more and more as time goes on. Americans and Britain’s’ are losing the textile waste battle because they are both creating too much of it and have no idea of what they should do with it. To help solve this issue it is important to know more about the problem in the first place. Below is more information and facts about it all. Learning about textile waste will provide you with a better understanding why there needs to be a textile recycling revolution now more than ever.

  • For an average piece of clothing, it is normal for it to last about three years.
  • The biggest part of this problem is with the culprit; within the United States there is 75% or more textile waste from pre-consumers or manufacturers and only 15% percent of textile waste is recycled from post-consumer.
  • During each and every single year, just one person on average throws away more than seventy pounds of shoes, clothing and other household textiles and or materials.
  • In just one whole year all Americans generate so much textile waste that it equals out to be about thirteen million tons.
  • In just one whole year British people create so much textile trash that it is the same as 1.12 million tons.
  • It appears that the United Kingdom creates less waste but they openly admit to throwing away clothes. In fact, one out five Brits admit to throwing away an article of clothing of just after one use. This equals out to $170,000,000 of clothes being thrown away each year after only being used once.
  • Out of every group of four American women they all own on average about seven pairs of jeans and only wear about four of them on a regular basis.
  • The U.S. textile industry does a lot for us by each year creating about seventeen thousand jobs as well as removing around two and a half billion pounds of textile waste from post–consumer.
  • Believe it or not, more than 70 percent of the population in the world uses clothes that are secondhand.

By recycling our clothes we have been able to do a lot and make a lot of change for the better. For example, with the drop boxes for used clothes all over they have been able to help to save more than 480,000,000 articles of clothing items in which have been repurposed and or been worn by someone else instead of being dumped inside of a landfill. Participating in a change such as this helps out so many others and encourages more good changes.

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