3 Reasons Why Auto Recyclers Are Better At Instagram Than Electronics Recyclers.

3 Reasons Why Auto Recyclers Are Better At Instagram Than Electronics Recyclers.

Have you been on Instagram? I have and it’s a ghost town for electronics recyclers. Do I sense opportunity? Auto recyclers on the other hand are very active and post new cars and car parts they are recycling daily if not hourly. I never knew an auto recycler’s Instagram account could be so interesting but that’s another story.

Im not sure why there are not more electronics recyclers on Instagram. Electronics recyclers seem to be the most technologically advanced of all the recyclers but maybe they are to busy working on an old PIII. Or maybe all that paperwork from e-Stewards and R2 is piling up. Or maybe they just don’t know how it can help their business or they spend so much time on MySpace. Whatever the reason is, we have some tips to give on how e-waste recyclers can catch up to auto recyclers.

  1. Convince your Boss you only need 30 minutes a day to manage Instagram.

To do this you need to budget your time. The first step is to plan your content.

  • Take 10 minutes to set up a plan. Set up a calendar with pictures or ideas that you want to post and include captions and hashtags. Everyone expects you to be consistent in posting. No one likes arriving in a ghost town and that is what you appear as when you don’t post for a few days or a week. Each day you can add more to your calendar. The ideas and concepts will grow and get better as you continue. Some of your ideas can also be used on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Take 5 minutes to edit and post images. There are a lot of editing apps besides the ones in Instagram. Post at least 1 or 2 images a day. The whole purpose of Instagram is editing. You need to create a visual identity for your recycling company. One Auto Recycler that I love their pictures has fire in almost every one such as blow torches, burning stuff, welding sparks, etc. These pictures are fun to look at and give insight into their business. How about you show the guts of a computer every day…with a filter added. If your not a professional photographer please add some effects or filters.
  • Take 10 minutes to engage with your audience however small or large it is. Respond to comments, comment on others photos, and explore new users and engage with them. You can start this with your own photos but you can also do this with your audience. People like when they know a robot is not managing a social media account. Don’t be afraid to create a voice for your business on Instagram.
  • Take 5 minutes to search hashtags relevant to your industry. Use hastags as a way to learn about others in the industry and what people are looking for and like. Create a brand hashtag. Some companies that have make good brand hashtags have been really successful.
  1. Make SMART goals.
  • Specific – What kind of pictures do you want to post?
  • Measurable – How many posts per day, how many followers, how much engagement, etc…
  • Attainable – We all want 10,000 followers but start with a few hundred and grow. Where do you want to get?
  • Relevant – Stick to your business, not to many baby pictures unless you’re a mommy blog.
  • Time based – That’s what the calendar is for mentioned above.
  1. Follow the best practices for Instagram.
  • Your brands audience will have unique qualities. Be in tune with what your audience wants and tailor to their interests and expectations.
  • Tell a story with every picture. Be sure to add captions and hastags to really add life to your photo.
  • Seek out influencers that can give your account a lift. Again, using hastags or mentions that work.


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