10 Point Checklist For Creating Content That Will Get Your Website Traffic Today

10 Point Checklist For Creating Content That Will Get Your Website Traffic Today

Creating great content is only the beginning. Promoting your content is what you will need to focus on next. Remember the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of your time to create content and 80 percent of you time to share it.

If you create great content you will get likes, link backs, social shares and website traffic. Here are a few items to add to your checklist when creating content.

  1. Simple is Good – Don’t try to be to fancy. The easier it is to read the more likely it will get shared.
  2. Make Your Point – If you are focused and get to the point of what you are discussing readers will appreciate it.
  3. Titles and Headlines Should be Catchy – The better the title or headline the more eyes you can attract.
  4. Pictures – Plain text is just boring.
  5. Back Up What You Say – Data goes a long way. Also use credible sources.
  6. Use Videos – Videos that help people by instruction or guides are great for B2B.
  7. Solve A Customer Problem – IF you can solve a customers problem from the content you produce you will be miles ahead.
  8. Be Trendy – Trendy content is very popular on social media. Create your content with this in mind.
  9. Quantity matters – You can not get away with posting once a week. Some typical guides are 1x day Facebook, 5x day twitter, 1x day LinkedIn for more examples click Here
  10. Engage – 8 out of 10 articles that are shared are quizzes. Always engage your audience when creating content.

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