10 Easy Ways Facebook Photos Can Increase Your Customers

10 Easy Ways Facebook Photos Can Increase Your Customers

When was the last time your recycling company had a campaign, special promotion or a big event? Lets take Earth Day for example. What did your company do? Was it inspiring, motivating, and cool. Did you take pictures? If so, a great way to make your customers part of the event is to post the pictures on Facebook. Even though this sounds simple, a lot of companies are not doing this the most effective way. If you have a unique way of sharing and posting pictures to Facebook it can be a very effective way to engage your customers.

To help make a few pictures come alive and tell a story we have included some tips below.

  1. Pictures in Sequence – When you are holding a special event take pictures, before you start, during, and after. If you post the pictures in sequence to tell your story it will be more effective. By having sequenced pictures it is engaging to people and it grabs their attention.
  2. Behind the Scenes – Showing your team getting ready for an event is fun for the viewer. It helps satisfy curiosity of what is really going on.
  3. Highlight Success – Whatever your big event is make sure you are highlighting the success. Focus on who you are serving and what the success is. By showing the success you are having fans and followers can experience the event with you.
  4. Customers Pictures – If you can get your customers and people involved with your events to share pictures you can get increased engagement. This is not that hard considering most people love to share pictures of themselves via the selfie.
  5. Current Events – Facebook engagement is particularly strong around current events. What ever is the big news of the day, try to incorporate it into your business. For example, today is the first day of Fall. Try to have a party at work and take pictures of it. Visit a customer and bring them a pumpkin and take pictures of it. It can be easy to create something simple but very effective for current events.
  6. Document your Success – Is there something that your recycling company has worked very hard to achieve? Maybe that R2:2013 certification or eStewards, well how about creating a timeline in pictures to give your customers a picture into what it takes to be certified.
  7. Hashtags – Hashtags are not always the best idea on Facebook, just because of the typical audience and what is being posted but if you are creative then you can find good conversations to join. Its best to save the hashtags for Twitter or Instagram, but using them sparingly on Facebook can be a success.
  8. Inspiration – Pictures with inspirational messages are a good way to get quick likes. However, because so many people post pictures like this you need to find something creative or related to your business.
  9. Milestones – Make sure you share your milestones and history in pictures on Facebook. This includes successes and failures that way you can really let your audience know you are real and have an emotional connection with them.
  10. Be Real – Post pictures that are real and from the heart. This will really engage your audience.

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