How did we increase traffic by 3,008% in 1 month and generate $10,000 in extra revenue for a recycling company?

3000 percent traffic

Its simple, we created great content and posted it on Facebook. Then we sat on the couch, ate Doritos, and watched the money come in!

Well we only wish that was that case.

What we did was plan, re-plan, build a strategy, and then re-build the strategy which combined link building, content marketing, user reviews, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and old fashioned hard work.

Step #1 – We researched top Keywords related to the industry

pallet recycling keywords

We also analyze keywords for electronics recycling, metal recycling, pallet recycling, paper recycling, plastic recycling and many other types of materials.

Step #2 Dig Deeper

We then researched a little deeper and looked at keywords related to the top keywords. We look for opportunities to rank in Google for what customers are searching for.

pallet recycling related keywords

Step #3 Write Great Content

Next, we need to write an article about one of the keywords we want to rank for…heat treated pallets recycling.

First we had to come up with a interesting article…So we created a spreadsheet with Titles that we thought could rank in Google.

pallet recycling titles

Then we wrote and posted the article on our websites with links to contact forms and then sat back and answered the phone? Nope.

Step #4 Optimize Your Content

We wrote an article, edited the article, re-edited the article optimizing the keywords and then added pictures, videos, and other media.

content image shares

 Search Engine Optimization is important for ranking and we make sure the onsite content is optimized. We highlight our targeted keywords, fix on-page errors and make sure all other ranking criteria is fixed.


Step #5 Implement 80/20 Rule – 20% of your time should be in creating content and 80% of your time should be sharing it.

We then implemented search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, link building, and social media marketing. And in the first 2 weeks the results were great. Nearly 1,800 hits on the article and thousands of views on social media.

article trafic

Sharing this content multiple times will drive traffic for months and years to come.

PS. Remember this is traffic for customers looking to recycle…not people reading information on the internet…big difference.

 We want to help you increase traffic and revenue with even greater results!

results money


Step #6 Join Free Recycling Quotes recycling network and eco-system.

We have created a recycling network consisting of 25 recycling websites with 80,000 plus landing pages for more than 15 different types of commodities. We can point all of the traffic we generate to your website.

Why would that be important? Well lets ask Google!

link building

Google seems to think that we should read 40.8 million articles about why link building is important for gaining website traffic. Also, it tells us that link building has been around since the 1990s and is one of the main features in Googles algorithm for ranking websites. Further more, in the 3rd result it tells us the future of link building is IMPORTANT!

How can Free Recycling Quotes recycling network and eco-system do this for YOU?

We have created 5 websites specifically for link building and linking to your website. We create content featuring your company and provide social media marketing and search engine optimization. The websites consist of the following:

  • 2 Recycling news websites
  • 1 Map based recycling market place featuring the Google Maps API
  • 1 Customer Review website
  • 1 Job Board website
  • Bonus: 20 other lead generating websites

When you join our network with a pro-subscription you get:

  • Get up to 12 Custom articles created featuring your company – published monthly, shared daily
  • Submit 4 Press Releases for publication and distribution – published quarterly, shared daily
  • Verified Profile Location Pin on Google Map
  • Premium Profile created on and premium placement
  • Unlimited Job Postings on
  • Social Media Marketing for your channels and mentions across social media channels
  • Search Engine Optimization on articles you are featured in
  • Recycling leads when obtained
  • Research keywords for ranking opportunities
  • Website analysis

Why do we focus on Website traffic over Native apps?

Mobile audience growth is driven by mobile web properties, which are actually bigger and growing faster than native apps.

web vs Mobile

Lets go over these websites so you know what you will be getting with your subscription.

Website #1 – features popular topics that are relevant to the environment and recycling. covers more than 10 recycling industries.

When you subscribe to our network we research keywords that will rank on Google and write articles about it. We write up to 12 articles featuring your company.  We publish and share the articles to drive traffic to your website and build links.

When we write you an article we create a catchy title to attract readers and include beautiful pictures. We also build links into the article that point to your website. We include your social media links and your company contact information. Each article we write also has social sharing buttons for readers to share.

Recycling Company News

Website #2 – also features popular topics that are relevant to the environment but is only focused on electronics recycling.

This is one of the places where we publish press releases from pallet recyclers. (Is a press release important? Lets Ask Google. see below)

We also include relevant keyword research, media such as infographics and pictures, links and contact information for your website, and social media sharing buttons and comments sections.

Pallet recycling news

Is a Press Release important?

Google returns 143 million results about how important a press release is. You definitely need to be doing this. Google’s first return tells us that press releases are more important than ever.

This is why we include the submission of 4 press releases to on a quarterly basis.

Also in the 4th result it states that even if you don’t think you have something newsworthy to say, you probably do. Recyclers do good, interesting, and important things. SHARE IT with and the world.

Google press release

Website #3 – is a marketplace for buying and selling pallets. Businesses can find pallet recycling locations and pallet recyclers can find pallets to recycle or businesses to sell pallets to.

When you subscribe we place a verified location pin to our map that uses Googles Maps API so that you gain better ranking in your local markets and Google knows where you are located.


We also make it easy for potential customers to contact you with 1 click contact forms.

contact form



You also can search for pallets that need to be recycled. With a subscription we send these orders directly to you.




pallet order







Website #4 –

Lets start by asking Google if Reviews are important. WOW, 1.17 billion results telling us that reviews are important. Look at that first statistic- 88% of customers trust online reviews! Hey what about the second result – Google is telling us that Reviews are also good for SEO (search engine optimization) which will get you to the top of Google.

google reviews

OK – Now we know reviews are a good thing for obtaining customers and SEO for getting your website ranking high. Lets take a look at It is a reviews website just for the recycling industry. Links from this website are highly valued by Google.

recycling company reviews

With a subscription you receive a Premium Profile!

In your profile we include:

  • Your company name
  • Higher review scores
  • Your logos
  • Your social media account buttons
  • Links in the text for your website
  • Pictures
  • Details about your recycling company
  • Contact information
  • Your location listed on a Google Map
  • Custom Review button for your customers
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • BONUS- We can also send out newsletters asking for customer reviews

Recycling Company Reviews Profile 1

reviews profile 2

reviews 3

review 4

review 5


Now if that wasn’t enough good stuff. We also give you Premium Placement on our Recyclers Page.

pallet recycling profile

Website #5 –

Finding the right people is important to every business. is a niche jobs website just for the recycling industry. We also integrate with other job websites like Indeed.

recycling industry jobs

We have made it easy to post a job and receive job candidates by email or have them visit your website to apply.

When posting a job you have many options and features to include in the job posting.

Special Features include:

  • Job Title highlighted
  • Company name and logo
  • Links to social media account and website
  • Upload a video
  • Detailed description of job functions
  • Link to apply on website
  • Apply by emailing resume
  • Social media sharing buttons for job posting

job post

job post 2

Now that you have reviewed some of the techniques we use and the websites we offer, you are ready to have your business skyrocket with search engine traffic!

Wait there is More!!!

We also use social media marketing….

Social media marketing

…the usual suspects and also other social media channels

We also use and provide email newsletter marketing….

mail chimp

We also provide website analysis….

website analysis

Here’s What to Do Next…

If you enjoyed this case study and website overview, I want you to do one thing:

Contact me: or call 817-946-5655 to join our Recycling Eco-system and be a part of our network.

Our pro-subscription is fee based.

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